Adoption Fee Schedule:

Based on each individual sugar glider.  We reserve the right to price each sugar glider adoption fee based on the individual sugar glider.  DO NOT ask for discounts or cheap gliders because we do not have any.

Most of our gliders are rescues.  They come from families that for whatever reason are unable to take care of them.  They need some extra love, care, and understanding.  To make sure they are properly suited to your home, we ask that you complete the following simple paperwork.

 Occasionally, we have 8 week-old, out of pouch baby joeys for adoption from our personal gliders.  If you are interested in any of these, please also fill out this adoption form, and specify whether you would like a male or female.

Adopter's Information

* Name:
* Phone:
* E-Mail:

Part One

Marital status:
Live alone?
Live with family?
Do you work?
If so, what hours? ( 8am - 5pm )
If married does your spouse work?
Spouse Hours?
How many children are in the home?
Ages of Children
Who will be responsible for your sugar gliders?

Part Two

Your residence is:
Residence is a:
Does lease allow pets?
Moving Soon?
If so, when?

Part Three

Do you own a pet?
If Yes, what type?.
Do you Breed?
Years as a pet owner:
Pets originated from:
Where is the pet now?
Have you ever adopted or
applied to adopt from here before?

Part Four


Your occupation:

Business Phone:

Part Five  
Reference 1:  
Zip Code:



Reference 2:

Zip Code:

Please state: male or female or a pair:
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Please make note that our adoption fee is firm!  We retain the right to refuse or not accept any applications for the adoption of our gliders.  Our facility looks out for the best care possible for these animals and is fully self contained!

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