USDA Licensed breeder of Home raised, hand tame baby sugar gliders.  We only raise sugar gliders here at our home.  Our glidery is strictly created and kept to be a clean, healthy, great environment, and home for our cuddly, lovable, fuzzy little friends.  The facility itself is in part of my husband's workshop.  The total workshop is 26 X 32, we inhabit about 12 X 16 just for gliders and there cages.  We have the bathroom set up with our sink to wash and dry dishes along with a dishwasher just for these guys.  They also have their own microwave, refrigerator/freezer and own washing machine.  The facility also has a dehumidifier to take out all the humidity and an air purifier to take out any unwanted airborne bacteria in the air.  Completely committed to the care and well being of all the needy animals in the world.  We offer loving, spoiled, beautiful, top quality gliders to the best homes! We are a small family oriented glidery so we spend a lot of time with each of our gliders! If you are interested in any of our available gliders or have any questions or concerns please let me know. I always do my best to answer your email in a timely manner and want your experience dealing with us to be the best it can be! Emails are answered within 24 hours, generally less time, unless we are out of town. Your email will be answered even if we do not have any available gliders.

We appreciate your interest in adopting a glider from us. This unique and special animal has forever touched our hearts and lives and we are sure it will touch yours too. We would like the opportunity to help you decide if this is the pet for you and if we are the home your glider will come from. It is very important to us that our gliders go to the very best homes and receive the very best care and unconditional love for his/her lifetime. If you can provide this, please read on to find out more information about us.

Since our glidery has opened we have been doing research to better the overall well being of the captive breed sugar gliders.  We are finding new diets to feed, great vitamins, housing requirements, and to keep them as close to their wildlife habitat as possible.

I can not stress enough to do the research on sugar gliders before adopting.  We have been overwhelmed with gliders in need of homes.  We are at max capacity but we are having to expand as we never turn down any glider in need.  The facility has grown double since we opened back in 1990.  Having all of these rescues is the reason for the research to better these guys lives.  I have gotten in some serious sick, handicapped, and overall poor health gliders.  Not so much from neglect just wrong information from the wrong people out their.  It is so hard to swallow for each and every case that comes here.  The information that was given to the owner at the time that they adopted them.  My request to anyone out their is to at least get three to five different information and really diagnosis it and use common sense.  These guys are from the rain forest of Indonesia and Australia and what would they really eat in the wild.

Here at our facility, our gliders have been cared for with Tender Loving Care.  We work with our customers to help realize the work involved in bringing a new glider home.  We want our customers and our gliders to be happy.  References are available.  We contact all interest parties the same day the gliders are born and let them know what just popped out of each sex and color.  Its so much fun because some people will give us their pagers and cell phones to try if their not at home they want to be sure to get one.  We are here to help everyone with questions even if your not purchasing one from us we are happy to assist you.  Please contact us here at Sugar Glider Express.


We OFFER the following services!

*Animal Rescue*   *Continuing Support after Placement*   *Flexible Payment Terms*   *Trades Considered*   *Glider Seating (vacation, business trips, long weekends, or any sickness in the family)


Our gliders are raised as part of our family. They are loved and socialized from the moment they are born. The early socialization is wonderful for the gliders, and helps to develop their skills in interacting with humans. The breeders are first and foremost our pets and family members and are treated with as much respect and love as if they were not breeding. We do not use breeding 12x12x12 cages of any kind. We try to use the largest available in our breeding Sugar Loaf Shack.  The small carriers are used for vet visits only. Our facility is very accommodating for the gliders, with plenty of branches, toys, running wheels, warm pouches, lots of food and fresh water. Our gliders receive regular vet care from a wonderful vet and clinic. The joeys are also raised around our two Persian cats, Harley and CC. 

Here at our glidery we take in unwanted gliders to add to our family or to find new homes since their other families could no longer take care of them. We really strive in educating people about these little guys so we have less rescue cases to work with. In some situations we work with other glider owners when their sugar gliders get sick or they can not seem to tame down their glider.  Our facility is very small and will continue to stay small so we can work one on one with all of our gliders. The more time you have for these guys. the happier they are as your pet. 

A lot of people misunderstand that in order to own a pair of gliders they must be of opposite sex. Two girls or two boys make as good a pair of pets as a boy and girl. When sexual maturity starts, your pet's attitude will change. So if you do not plan on breeding, do yourself and your pet a favor, get a girl with a girl or a boy with a boy or even get the boy neutered if you want a girl and a boy.

Sugarloaf's Story 

We recently received a very young handicapped Sugar Glider. Sister MaryAnn from Immaculate High School received this special handicap baby who only has 3 legs which is named Sugarloaf. This little baby stopped eating and drinking five days after he was at his new home. Sister MaryAnn brought him to our facility for me to take a look at him. He was not too dehydrated, so I started to feed him via syringe with 6cc of a mixture of apple juice and water. After about 30 minutes had passed by I administered 6cc of fruit flavored Gatorade. (The breeder told Sister MaryAnn that he was extremely small for his age. This won't be true for very long, though.) About an hour later I popped open a mealworm and squeezed the contents out of the mealworm for him to eat. Five mealworms later he was so full he passed out in my hand holding the sixth mealworm. Every two hours I was up making sure he was drinking his fluids. The next morning he seemed to be coming back to life but I carried him with me everywhere I went to make sure he was drinking and eating like he should. This process was repeated and he did not really start acting like a little baby glider until the fourth day when he started with the crabbing and chattering. He will be staying at the facility until he is fully recovered. Plus, he will return for the month of June and July while Sister MaryAnn takes her trip to New Jersey. I will keep everyone informed with pictures and information on his progress as he has stolen everyone's heart that has met him.

Here we are two months later, he is getting so big and strong.  He can now hold a mealworm and pop it open eat it all by himself.  I presented him with a small rodent wheel that he can not seem to get out of from the time he gets up in the evening.  It will very difficult for me to give this little sweet guy back in August when he is scheduled to go back to his permanent home.  Please stay tuned for updates anyway as this little guys has a whole lot of support from all those fans out their. 

On July 25, 2003 Sugarloaf was introduced to a little girl glider.  Piglet is her name and he just fell in love with her.  She is also a special baby since she too only has 3 legs.  She is missing the exact same leg.  Piglet found her way here to our home for some loving care.  Who knows maybe these two will make loving babies down the road? 

Just a little update, on January 14, 2005, Sugarloaf and Piglet goes to a new house.  They were adopted by a local 8 year old school boy who is an overall animal person.  This guys were a little surprise from his mom for doing so well in school.  He has been researching these guys for the past year and volunteers at the local shelter 3 days a week.  He has checked in with weekly since the adoption to make sure he is doing everything correct. 


Hansal's Story 

On March 2, 2006 we received a set of gliders that have kept rejecting their joeys.  The babies had just came out of pouch that day.  They were brought into the house to watch them closely.  By the third day everything seemed great.  On the fourth day a little joey was on the top of the pouch.  I picked the glider up and it was the little girl.  Dad bite me twice while I was trying to check on her little brother.  He was on the right side of the pouch by himself.  When I picked him up he had a bite mark on his little face.  At this time I felt it was time to pull them especially since both their little tummies was empty.


Fixed up the incubator in the house with all the heat sources and mixed up a bowl of our Biolac, supplement milk from Australia.  I fed the little girl first and she ate less than a 1/2 of an eye dropper.  The little boy ate more than 1/2 eye dropper.  They took it like a pro would have been eating like this before.  They were not completely dehydrated so I gave them via eye dropper some Pedialyte.  No injection at that time to give them fluids.  Warmed them babies up after eating off to sleep they went.  Boye oh Boye it would be a long first night feedings every 4 hours.  It has been over 7 years of doing this and boye was it hard. 


Everything seemed to be going just great with the little boy now named Hansal eating like a little pig and his sister named Grettle.  They are weighed in at 3/8/06 both weighing in 14 grams.  A few days later Grettle decided she wanted to now start eating more than her brother.  Weigh in on 3/16/06 Grettle at a hefty 16 grams and Hansel still at 14 grams.  March 14, 2006 could not feed them fast enough so I tried letting them eat on there own out of a baby food jar top.  It was the cuties thing when the sister pushed her brothers head down into the plate.  I knew then I would have to feed them separate.  Hansel did not eat as much as his sister.  It was like he forgot he was suppose to eat and fell asleep holding his plate.  So I would have to feed him every hour to let him take his time in eating.  Now for Grettle she knew exactly what to do.

Here we are two weeks later and Hansel is not gaining any weight and I have to bath him every time he eats as he lays in the bowl to eat.  I started to observe them closer and Hansel seems to be having seizures.  His sister will not leave him alone especially when he starts having a seizure.   So I felt the only way to shelter him with this is to separate them into two separate cages.  His seizures became more aggressive.  Called our vet and she said that he probably has a birth defect and maybe that is why mom and dad rejected.  We took a visit to the vet on March 31, 2006.  Well all vitals were just fine and he was not dehydrated and belly was full.  She instructed just to watch him close and if the seizures became more frequent or anything changed to bring him back in.


Well, sorry to inform everyone but little Hansel passed on the evening of March 31, 2006.  He had a seizure and stopped breathing.  I tried everything to revive him but with no luck he passed.  So we must say a prayer to very brave young fellow whom tried his hardest but could not make it.

Rest In Peace, Hansal born March 2, 2006 passed March 31, 2006, We will always remember you in our hearts and thoughts and prayers.

Love SGE rescue sanctuary!


This is just one of the classes that we worked with at the LASPCA.



I'm glad there's people like you out there who DO help these little ones. There's so many who just give up when a glider is mean...or who know nothing about them.....or who just get bored with them. When I got my babies from I promised her I wouldn't change their diet....and all that. The day they came home...I changed all my other gliders over to so my new babies wouldn't have to change diets. I also sent her pics of their new homes...
That's Romeo and Juliet's new home. They're VERY spoiled now compared to were they were before.

Just a little peek at some information and questions that come into the facility.  Also a few words of inspiration from adoptive families.

My sugar glider pair just had a baby and it seemed that the mom was not giving it as much attention as she had other joeys in the past.  I came home today and they had eaten the baby.  Is this a usual occurrence? 

Hello Cindy. I hope I got the name right. This is Garrett. I bought a sugar glider from you two years ago and named him Chit. I already owned one named Chat. They are both doing good. I just wanted to say Hey and let you know that Chit is doing very well. I had a few close calls with Chit. He got his tail stuck around the wheel. He got his head wrapped in a loose wire that was hanging off of the bag. And then he got his toe stuck in a loose thread. Finally I through away the bag. So I'll be buying a bag from you and two cases of the food. They like your food the best. Well goodbye and if you want send me an e-mail.

I'm praying that you can help me.  I have a Sugar Glider colony of eight (8) that I can no longer keep because of Hurricane Katrina.
I've had my Sugar Gliders since they were babies and I'm trying to find a good home that will accept the colony and keep them together.
Please, can you help?

We bought him about a year ago from a pet store in Lafayette.  He was neutered before we bought him.  He is sort of tame but still shy; none of my three kids give him the attention he needs and I want him to be in a home where he will get that attention.  I've thought of selling him but I want to be sure that he goes to a loving home and I can't be sure selling to strangers.  My oldest son would take him but he works offshore and doesn't have anyone to take care of the glider when he's working.  So, I thought your facility would be the best bet for me.


I just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you again.  I am sorry that I was not able to meet you but, hope that the festival was good to you. 
"Phantom" and "Christine" are so sweet.  I've had a few bites.  Now, it's getting to be more of a "quit messing with me" warning nip.  This too shall pass.  I've already noticed the attachment starting.  Christine seems like she is going to be a cuddle bug while, Phantom is a real go-getter.
I will keep in touch, to let you know the progress.




Hey Cindy

 We purchased the Leucistic baby male back in Jan 2007, and received in March 2007-His name Is TAS and he is doing wonderfully, actually he is the best of the three we own as far as his disposition. A real sweet heart, just want to you to know hes wonderful and loved

Here are a Couple pictures of our family and couple pictures of their home 

Thom Ripple




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