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Here at our glidery down in New Orleans we breed and hand-raise sugar gliders, and also provide safe, loving and healthy homes to gliders we have acquired through rescue or that need a foster care. 

We are USDA licensed breeder/rescuer of loving, personable, and pocket/pouch trained sugar gliders.

Our joeys ( baby gliders) are available for adoption as well as older gliders that need  new forever homes. 

We offer a full-service resource for you and your gliders, including the state of the art in Nutritional Products, Cages, Cage accessories, Bonding pouches and other accessories, and advice and information about gliders. 

We are committed to educating fellow glider owners new and old. We personally do not claim to know everything about sugar gliders but we can let you in on what works for us here with our gliders.  

We can give one-on-one information to potential glider owners on before and after care. Even if you do not buy from us, we are happy to help any  and all glider lovers. Please call or email and we will get back promptly. 

Thanks from all the gliders here at our Glidery!

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New Section Added!  Want to see our gliders up for adoption? Click here!

We have 3 suggies up for adoption and 2 older sets of gliders looking for the rite new forever home!


Exclusive to Sugarland Pet products:
Award winning local jewelry designer and glider lover Antonia Wechsler has created an original collection of adorable, whimsical sugar glider earrings, pendants and charm bracelets.
This is the most realistic and charming suggie jewelry collection on the market, cleverly designed to look just like a sugar glider in flight when dangling from your ears or around your neck.
Perfect for you or as a gift for another glider lover.


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